Listing your house too high may factor in to why your house is not selling. As a seller, people want to get as much money as they can for their home, while as a buyer wants a great home for an even better price.

Listing your house at a high price can be dangerous to the sale of it. Overpricing a home can scare buyers away if the home is not in their budget, even if the price can be negociated. If the house is on the market beyond the first few months buyers can be deterred and there is a risk of the market changing. Buyers may not even see your listing if the price is too high. For example if your house is worth $320,000 but you list if for $330,000, it won't show up to buyers that search in the $300,000- $325,000 range. When potential buyers go to get a loan from the bank, the bank will require an appraisal. If your home is way of the appraisal value, the buyer may not be able to get the loan.

Here is a list of signs that your home may be priced too high

      1. Your home is priced way higher than neighboring properties

      2. You have had many showings without an offer on the house

              3. You have not had any showings or there have been few showings

                                                                             4. The home is priced on expensive amenities that do not appeal to everyone. ( tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.)

                   5. Your neighbors have sold their homes but yours is still on the market